Serve Pure Bitumen
Serve Pure Bitumen

Bitumen is a very tricky product which must be served in pure quality and format, in order to avoid further failures on the road in future.

Those buyers are always looking for low-price products, below the standard market level, are entitled to receive non-pure or mixed bitumen from their sellers.

In today’s world, especially within Middle Eastern countries, one of the most important factors for Competition in International market has become the virtue of selling “low-price” but who guarantees The purity of the products? There is no logical reason to sell below the average market bench-mark Unless there is something wrong.

Every product in the world has its own value and if you suddenly receive an offer from a seller with a significant lower price than market level, there are absolutely reasons behind the unusual low price and one of the main reasons is mixing the bitumen with other products such as burnt oil or mazzot.

It is much safer not to be greedy and move in line with the international market prices rather than moving around the small corners and buying low-price bitumen from unfamiliar new comers which will consequently will result in loss of your money and losing your reputation against your end user.

We serve pure bitumen because we intend to stay in this market on a long- term basis, Our main profit stands where we buy credit for ourselves from our customers after providing them a reliable second to non-service with the high quality products.

G.T.C group, having skilled-staff on the field is capable of providing you with a level of satisfaction,Which urges you to continue doing trade with us?

Our products are derived from branded refineries with A.S.T.M standard.

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