Price ( CFR AND FOB )
Price ( CFR AND FOB )

Obtaining the price within the shortest period of time, is one of the key points in confirming a business Deal.  Sometimes you might be attending a business meeting and you urgently need to have a price  Indication to confirm and sign a contract and it might not be possible for you to use your cell-phone Call our staff to obtain a price!

You may just go to our home page and at the right hand side of the page, you can see an Applet divided into two types of pricing, CFR and FOB.

Only by inserting your required destination port in the CFR pricing field, you can easily get a competitive Price indication within few seconds!

We update bitumen price on daily basis and we normally upload the workable prices on the website so That they do not need to waste their time and refer to us for further negotiations.

However if client is insisting to negotiate, we have also made further room for them to go to Online Inquiry to submit an online inquiry along with price indication.

Our price are based on international market prices normally distributed by reliable newsletters and Websites such as Bitumart Weekly newsletter, ICSI pricing and etc… .

We normally don’t follow strange pricing strategies as some other suppliers do! 

Please strictly attention that You always have to pay right value for the right product, therefore finding An abnormally low price in the market does not necessarily mean that you are paying for the right Product with good quality !

Updated on: 24/04/2018
$ 315.00  PMT
$ 315.00  PMT

Updated on : 24/04/2018
  • Bahrain $ 330.00   PMT
  • Thailand $ 320.00   PMT
  • Singapore $ 445.00   PMT
  • Taiwan $ 310.00   PMT
  • Korea,South $ 290.00   PMT
  • Japan $ 320.00   PMT

 CFR Price
CFR Price
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We have applied an incentive rebate program for our regular customers known as incentive rebate program which is based on one-year activity of a particular customer with GILDA TAR
The IRP ( Incentive Rebate Program) a certain value of rebate for particular quantity within one year. the RIP starts with $ 2/- pmt rebate for the 1st 2,000 mts ordered by a single customer and it increases on succeeding orders within a year.
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